About Karhu Magazine

Finnish Running Secrets: Introduction to the world.

My name is Matthew Mitchell and I had the pleasure of contributing to this project as writer and editor, and it is my honour to introduce it to you.
I am Canadian who came to Helsinki to complete my Master’s in Media Studies and have found Finland to be the perfect place to rekindle my love affair with running, nature and the wild. Quite naturally I found and was inspired by Finland’s legendary sportsbear, Karhu, and I have been wearing their shoes on the street and in the wild ever since.

About Magazine

Karhu’s unique, authentic and timeless story needed a fresh face. Recently there have been many updates to the brand, and with Franco and Emanuele Arese at the helm together with Huub Valkenburg, Karhu enters a new chapter with energy and vision. With a renewed focus on the purity of running and the Finnish characteristics that have the brand inextricably tied to its homeland. The production of a beautiful, tangible publication is a rare thing these days. Rarer still is one that shares stories of emotion and history and exploration. We are proud to share with all of you what we feel conveys the sentiments of the Karhu brand, it’s history and it’s passion. We have done our best to recreate it’s ethic here online.

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